HEAL Africa
In the winter of 2006, I found myself watching a CNN documentary on the people affected by conflict in Central Africa. It moved me, it shook my world and tore into my very soul. Part of the program highlighted a hospital in Goma and an organization called HEAL Africa. Visions of children walking for tens of miles, wounded and bleeding, their insides literally falling out as they journeyed to this hospital haunted me, to this day it haunts me. With a little searching, I found a contact for HEAL Africa and wrote what I thought was probably a misguided letter, an attempt to offer what I had to give, a song, a voice to help drive their message home. So supprised was I to find a return letter from director, Judy Anderson and another from her husband Dick, accepting my small offering with gratitude. They opened their doors and their hearts to me, fed me stories, sent me transcripts and photographs and provided me with a deeper understanding of their world. What transpired was the HEAL Africa project, a song, a CD ~ and a hope that it serves it's message well, that it sheds some light and gives in abundance to those in the gravest of need. It's my strongest wish, my grandest of dreams. The CD can be purchased here: http://cdbaby.com/cd/knott3 (100% of the proceeds from the sale go directly to HEAL Africa.) heal